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How do I... - Monday 18 November 2019

How to find French companies based abroad?

And the other way around...


Looking for a French company with foreign shareholders




In Diane, all you have to do is define the shareholder's location since Diane focuses on French companies.

Actionnariat > Entreprises détenant une Filiale > Filiale étrangère





Looking for a French or foreign company with foreign shareholders


In Orbis, you need to define both the country of the shareholder and the country of the subsidiaries.

Ownership data > Companies owned by a shareolder > Foreign shareholder




In the example below we're looking for Indian companies that have subsidiaries in France.

The default shareholder participation is at least 51%.

Location of the company = France

Location of the shareholder = India



Your search can be refined with the following criterias:

  • number of shareholders

  • name of the shareholder (if you're looking for the list of a shareholder's companies in a specific country, fill in the "Location" field on the homepage) 

  • characteristics of the shareholder (activity type, percentage of ownership, size...). See below:





And the other way around...

Companies owning a subsidary

In order to obtain a list of companies owning subsidiaries, use the "Companies owning a subsidary" option.





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