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Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service for ESSEC Faculty, Ph.D., and libraries.


With Interlibrary loan (ILL) you can obtain from other libraries documents that are not held at ESSEC Learning Center and that you need for teaching or research purposes.





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More details

  • Estimated document delivery: 3 to 15 days

  • E-mail notification of delivery

  • Estimated loan duration: 2 to 4 weeks

  • Service to Ph.D. includes 10 books and 20 articles per academic year.


The Learning Center does Interlibrary loan with all French and international libraries as well as all institutions and companies with an information center.





Use our request forms:

Our prices

  Book loan Article copy
EBSLG, REVODOC and ACIEGE members reciprocity reciprocity
French libraries and companies information centers one IFLA voucher half an IFLA voucher for every 15 pages
International two IFLA vouchers one IFLA voucher for every 15 pages