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Broadcast and publish your pedagogical contents

The content broadcasting and publishing team of the K-lab can assist you in the creation and production of MOOCs, Case studies and pedagogical videos.

Business cases

You develop your own case studies in your courses and wish to publish them in the ESSEC Business Cases collection?

ESSEC Business Cases collection includes:

  • cases in English and French
  • teaching notes
  • cases created by ESSEC professors or academic heads.

Download the sheet


The Knowledge Lab teams can also assist you in MOOC and pedagogical video creations; from designing and producing to deploying the MOOCs and videos.

You are an ESSEC professor or a company and you wish to develop a MOOC with ESSEC?

Download the sheet

How ?

We help you check that your document complies with legal demands (including intellectual property rights) and our vendors' standards (formatting, abstracts, keywords, company agreement...). For more details, read the ESSEC Case Study Guide.

Latest Essec Business Cases