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How do I... - Monday 18 November 2019

How to find French companies based abroad?

And the other way around...


Looking for a French company with foreign shareholders




In Diane, all you have to do is define the shareholder's location since Diane focuses on French companies.

Actionnariat > Entreprises détenant une Filiale > Filiale étrangère





Looking for a French or foreign company with foreign shareholders


In Orbis, you need to define both the country of the shareholder and the country of the subsidiaries.

Ownership data > Companies owned by a shareolder...

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Comment faire... - Friday 15 November 2019

The financial resources

The Learning Center gives access to numerous resources providing financial information.



Unlike the industry report and academic resources, access to these databases is limited. Please check the special features for each resource.



Multipurpose resources:

Capital IQ:
Updated financial information about companies and markets
Capital IQ is remotely accessible. The user must creat an account when he first visit Capital IQ.

Financial Times:
International financial sector news, information about companies and markets
Access: is remotely accessible. The user must creat an account when he first visit FT.


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How do I... - Monday 11 November 2019

Pick up books in La Défense


As a participant, you can borrow up to 10 documents (books, reviews…) for 6 weeks. If you cannot go to Cergy to borrow them at the Learning Center, you can have documents delivered at la Défense.



In order to do that, start by searching Discovery for the document you would like to borrow. Click it, and in the “Get it” section, click “Request".



Select the campus where you will be picking up the document and send the request.




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How do I... - Friday 08 November 2019

How to find information about a business sector?


When you are looking for information about French or International markets, market report resources like Xerfi Knowledge 
and MarketLine are very useful. However, they do not provide users with information for each and every business sector.

Information search should then be completed thanks to professional and sectoral press.
Here are some keys to find your way around:

1.    Market reports

ESSEC Learning Center gives you access to several market report resources:


MarketLine Advantage

MarketLine Advantage is available in English only. This very thorough resource provides you with different types 
of information such as:

·         National, regional and global market reports (France is included)

·         International company profiles

·         Country profiles (PESTLE analyses)

·         Case studies on companies

MarketLine also provides you with:

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How do I... - Saturday 19 October 2019


What is it? How to avoid it?



When you have a work to do, whether it’s a presentation, a report or a thesis, it may seem easy to save time by writing word by word. Yet, reproducing sentences or parts of sentences found online or in a book makes the reader think you are the author of these sentences.


Using texts or ideas as if they were yours is a forbidden practice called “plagiarism”.


To copy/paste a sentence found on the internet without quoting the source is a quite extreme form of plagiarism. However, more subtle practices exist such as:

  • rewriting a sentence using synonyms without quoting the source
  • incorporating charts, graphs, images or figures without quoting the source
  • rephrasing an author’s thought with your own words without quoting the source
  • translating a text without quoting the source

ESSEC uses anti-plagiarism software to check academic and professional thesis as well as other...

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