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Our thematic selections - Thursday 05 November 2020

Learning French

Online resources for self-training in French!

We have selected for you resources (websites, podcasts, ebooks and many others) to improve your French. These resources complement the French language learning books that are available at the Learning Center (in section FRA VIII) and the novels which you can find in the news and culture area on the ground floor.


Practice and test
Bonjour de France is a free educational "cyber-magazine" containing exercises, tests and games for learning French as well as educational fact sheets for teachers of French as a foreign language (FLE).
Resources website of Cavilam : alliance française for teachers of French as a foreign language (FLE)

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How do I... - Thursday 30 April 2020

Legal Framework of Educational Documents

As an ESSEC professor, you probably use documents to illustrate your courses, and produce some as part of your teaching and research. This guide will help you make sure that you do so while respecting copyright.

Presented in the form of FAQs, this guide will help you answer the different questions you ask yourself depending on the context, by refering to the law in a simple and pragmatic way, in relation to the precise and real situations of teaching or research that you encounter.

Each important notion has been schematized in this guide in visual and synthetic form in order to facilitate the understanding and appropriation of the behavior to be followed.

The link to the legal reference texts is made for each of the concepts addressed in the cases described, recalled in the diagrams, and reproduced in the appendix to the guide.

All the concepts applicable to the situations described (copyright, its scope and its exceptions) are listed in the glossary of the Legal FAQ.

A French version of the Legal FAQ is...

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How to find... - Friday 10 April 2020

Journal Search

Journal Search is a tool on Discovery that allows you to find any periodical the K-lab subscribes to.

The K-lab subscribes to many periodicals: general press, professional journals, academic journals... If some titles are only accessible in paper version, the majority is now available online. Access can be different from one title to another: on a database, or directly on the site of the title in question, with identifiers.
To know where to find them, simply search for the title of the newspaper or journal in the "Journal Search" at the top of the page on Discovery. 


By clicking on the result you are interested in, you will then be able to find out how to read the articles in the "View online" section. In this example, Le Point is available on Europresse...

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How do I... - Wednesday 27 November 2019

Thinking about expatriation?

Find information on countries!


Looking to move to another country?
Want to open an agency abroad?
Better look for some information beforehand!




At the Learning Center you will find:

  • Books on every country’s economy in section II 200 (look for them on search engine Discovery or in our book selection)

  • The resource Going Global: career guides, professional networks, resume writing, practical and cultural information

  • “Country Reports” by Datamonitor, Global Insights, Country Intelligence on Business Source Complete

  • "Country Analysis Reports" (including PEST and PESTLE...

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How do I... - Wednesday 27 November 2019

The search tool Discovery

Search, reserve, renew... Everything you need to know about Discovery!

Whether you’re looking for a specific book, need to renew a document you borrowed, or want to know if a DVD is available, Discovery is here for you to do all this and more!

The Discovery search tool allows you to find all academic resources: paper and online books, articles, journals, theses,... via an unique platform.

You’ll find Discovery on the K-lab website, as well as on your MyESSEC portal, in the K-LAB / LEARNING CENTER section.

So here are some tips to enable you to enjoy all of the catalogue’s features. 

The Homepage

On the homepage, you can enter a few words from the title and/or the author’s name in the search bar to find a specific book, or use some keywords to look for documents on any topic.

You can also access your Reader...

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