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Comment faire... - Wednesday 29 November 2017

Legal information

You can easily access legal information on the Learning Center website. This information will be helpful to you for writing a thesis.







You can make a research on Discovery typing "law"  or with a specific term like business law, real estate law...
On our catalogue you will mainly find:
  • Books frrm Dalloz and Lexis Nexis publishers (in french).
  • A few books in english about intenational law
Examples and shelfmarks
Business leadership and law ⇒ III 30 AGA
International commercial law for managers ⇒ III 31 GLE
Intellectual property law : text, cases, and materials   III 370 APL


The Learning Center has subscriptions to 3 law databases : Dalloz, Lexis 360 and Francis Lefebvre (all in french).
On Dalloz and Lexis 360°  you can find similar contents:
  • French, European and international law

  • Codes

  • Encyclopedias

  • Journals

  • Bibliographical database

  • Case law

On Lexis 360°, you can find JurisClasseur encyclopedias a collection of documents, texts, jurisprudence, legal procedures...
To access on Lexis 360°, click on "Contenus" and  "Encyclopédies Juriclasseur"
On the database Editions Francis Lefebvre, you can mainly find documentation about french tax law.
Mementos can give you answers to specific questions about taxation.
To access documents, you need to be logged. ID: essec

Electronics journals

All these ressources include more than 100 law journals titles.
To find them, you can directly make a research on Discovery It will then tell you on which resource to find it.
If you need information about Anglo-Saxon law, Business Source Complete has a lot of english law journals titles.
To find them, make a research including "law" and you can filter the search by publication. 

Free ressources on the web 

Legifrance is the French government entity responsible for publishing legal texts online. It provides access, in French, to laws and decrees published in the Journal officiel, important court rulings, collective labour agreements, standards issued by European institutions, and international treaties and agreements.

EUR-Lex provides free access, in the 24 official EU languages, to:

  • the authentic Official Journal of the European Union
  • EU law 
  • preparatory acts 
  • EU case-law (judgments, orders, etc.)
  • international agreements...


If you have a question, don't hesitate and ask us!
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