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Our thematic selections - Thursday 05 November 2020

Learning French

Online resources for self-training in French!

We have selected for you resources (websites, podcasts, ebooks and many others) to improve your French. These resources complement the French language learning books that are available at the Learning Center (in section FRA VIII) and the novels which you can find in the news and culture area on the ground floor.


Practice and test
Bonjour de France is a free educational "cyber-magazine" containing exercises, tests and games for learning French as well as educational fact sheets for teachers of French as a foreign language (FLE).
Resources website of Cavilam : alliance française for teachers of French as a foreign language (FLE)
Lessons for all levels : free exercises, evaluation test 
Just like in the movies, let yourself be carried away by the webdocs and discover life in France through the eyes of four characters. During this walk, workshops and games will allow you to understand, learn and practice French.
Directory of sites whose objective is to facilitate access to the best free French resources available on the Internet: interactive grammar, self-correcting exercises, simulations... 
Exercises and games


Podcasts and videos
Lessons for all levels
Radio news

Youtube channel Learn French with Vincent
Lessons for all levels

Youtube channel Français avec Pierre
Lessons for all levels

Define and translate


Dictionnary, online translation

National press



Audio books:

Public domain ebooks:



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