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How do I... - Thursday 06 June 2019

How to write a bibliography?


What is it for?

A bibliography is the list of the documents you used to write a paper or dissertation.


It has two purposes:

  • demonstrating the quality of your work: your arguments are backed by your research

  • allowing the verification of your work: your reader might be interested in some of your sources and look for the document that inspired you


Where to place it?

A bibliography is generally placed at the end of your paper. You can also insert a shorter bibliography at the end of each part or chapter.


How to organize references?

A bibliography must follow a structure, which can be either:

  • chronological

  • thematic: you can use the different parts of your paper

  • by document type: first books, then articles, etc...

In any case, references are listed alphabetically by author.


How to present references?

References are displayed following a norm: several norms exist.

Whichever style you choose, stick to it for the whole bibliography.

You can see examples in our guide "Writing a bibliography" to see different styles of bibliography for citations for books, articles, online articles, and Websites:


Zotero is a very powerful tool to write a bibliography. Watch our tutorial video on Moodle:



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