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How to find... - Friday 09 February 2018

Finding information about the luxury industry


Luxury is one of our fields of expertise at ESSEC, as shown by the Centre of Excellence Luxury, Art and Culture. Some of the professors’ research is published on ESSEC Knowledge.

You will find here the main information sources available on the topic of luxury, from the web as well as from the Learning Center resources.


The Learning Center resources Marketline, Xerfi Knowledge and Statista provide detailed, up-to-date market reports, both global and by country. You can also find some videos about the luxury market on Xerfi Canal, and other reports by Deloitte and IFOP:


You can borrow books about luxury at the Learning Center, at the shelfmark VI 498. We have selected for you some of the most recent ones.


Articles about luxury can be found in marketing magazines, or in specific journals about fashion, cosmetics, or hospitality for example. Hence you can search other sources than luxury-centered ones. Indeed, you can search Business Source Complete et Google Scholar for academic journals (Journal of Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Research, etc…), and Europresse for professional magazines (mainly in French): CosmetiqueMag, Points de Vente, L'Hôtellerie, Journal du Textile...


Some publications have a section dedicated to luxury (use the Learning Center resources to read the "subscribers-only" articles):


The Direction Générale des Entreprises website will give you a global view of the luxury market.

The Label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant was created by the French government to highlight the expertise of businesses.


A lot of websites specialize in luxury news:


Here are some resources for information about fashion and Haute-Couture:

Lastly, have a look at the Twitter list “Luxury, Arts & Culture” curated by the ESSEC twitter account.

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